And Then You Came Along

Dear Nikki

I recently saw a post on twitter about this woman thanking her best friends for proving how important true friendship was

She mentioned that before she had met them she thought movies were foolish for showing such great friendships

I'd never related to something so intensely

Over the course of high school I've grown better at showing my friends how much they mean to me

Usually through writing or small deeds

I want to say that it's really been you

Along with Arianna and Asia and Cassidy

But mostly you

Who has shown me true friendship

My "best friend" past has been anything but wonderful and smooth

And I'd always longed for a movie type friendship


Meeting you has taught me that "movie type" friendships don't only happen in movies

They happen sometime in between freshman orientation and senior pics

They happen listening to Buckwild and Ms. G's contradictions

They happen in moments of uncontrollable laughter over something stupid

And moments when no one else could understand

They happen walking into a yearbook class filled with upperclassmen

And walking out years later as the upperclassmen

They happen when we least expect it

With the people we could have never imagined in our minds

True friendships can't be forced 

And they certainly don't come easy

Thanks for sticking through all this with me

I'm glad that it's you and I who've made it all these years

And I'm one hundred percent certain

For the first time in my life

That you're someone I want to spend every birthday with until I die. 

We are forever



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