Remember That?

What happened to us
What happened since
We met on that bus
On the way to New York
To spend the summer
With people just like us
Remember that?

We were kids back then
We still are, I guess
But we became friends
It was that easy
It was that fast
Singing till our voices
On that six hour drive
to camp
When it was barely summer.
Remember that?

The first time I
Came to your house
We sat down
And proudly, you showed me
Your absolute mastery
Of piano
Your hands-- small, like a child's
Flew wildly over the keys
And a hurricane of sound
Poured out
And everything was still
And everything was you
And me
And the music
And I willed it to last
I asked God for forever
Just this once
Remember that?

One year
Two years
We would have
Could have
Should have
Made it to three
Remember that?

All the late night conversations
All the secrets
The teenage fixations
On this boy or that dress
Or how life
is just a huge mess right now
So can you come over
And we'll figure it out
Whatever it takes
And face the storm together
Remember that?

We laughed and
We cried
And we fought
And we lied
But the ties never
Not ever
Remember that?

It started with a text
Or three
Or five
Or ten
I didn't know it then
But you were trying
With your silence
To let the friendship die
In peace and quiet
But two months of
One word responses
Or nothing at all
Never in my mind
Did I imagine
You were making
An exit
Remember that?

That was the weapon
That was the sword
That was the brute force
To bang down the door
To break the ice
Suddenly I was cold and scared
When nothing happened
But nothing
Said everything
Remember that?

And you said
That you needed distance
Needed time
Needed space
And put a universe of hurt
Between us
Remember that?

And then
I heard it from a friend
(A real one)
That it was something
I'd done
Something small
But small things add up
And cowardice
Leads to silence
Leads to fake smiles
While the inner violence
And angry voices inside
Demand a stop
Demand salvation
All this...
But you told me nothing
And I thought
Everything was fine
It wasn't
Remember that?

I'm happy for you
Happy that you decided
Happy that you thought
About it
Happy that you made up
Your mind
But where was I
Did you ever even
To tell me
That you and me
That us
Was on the line
Remember that?

I get it,
I crossed lines (apparrently)
Committed crimes (apparently)
But why
Tell me, why
Did you never read
The list of charges
If your heart was
In the right place
Then why did you give us
The death sentence
In pure and utter silence
Remember that?

You know what?

I went overseas
I went to another country
Another continent
And you haven't seen
Or heard from me
In months
And I thought
Just maybe
it's been long enough
Remember that?

So five minutes ago
I picked up the phone
And dialed your number
I still know it
By heart
Despite the scars
You left there
Remember that?

"Hello, you've reached the
Voicemail bo--

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