The Ones That Matter

 I write today to the ones that matter, praying to his glory that these crystal dreams dont shatter.  I write today to the ones that stayed, through thick and thin; might or right, their steps never strayed.  I write today to the ones with soggy shoulders, to the warmth of their embalming embraces, when the winds started to get tearingly colder.  I write today to the crimson evenings drenched in the wines of song; to the poetic hilarity of their anecdotes and their endearing inquisitions, inquiring if anythings wrong.  I write today to all those picture perfect abodes, we found, made and laid, in places expected and unexpected, colloquial or foriegn. We walked on water, arms around necks, down those bumpy, curvy, thorny roads.  I write today to the blatantly obvious differences of our schools of thought; to the elusive nature of our beliefs. We wear blacks, we wear whites, we paint our eyes with love and amidst the greys is where we find our four leaves.  I write today to my blood ties, confessing infidelity, to where I was born and bred; to my creed, to my culture. I am of my tongue and with my wolfpack is where my loyalty lies.  I write today to the ones we lost, they left us battered and bruised; scraped and scratched. Though, the scars make for exquisite stories, just wish they knew it was at the heart's cost.  Thus, I write today to the ones that matter, praying to his glory that these crystal dreams dont shatter.         - [ ]  

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world



Wow this is an impressive poem how you muse in great rhyming order. Creative how you relate and phrase. I like the soggy shoulders line and others as well Kudos .


Interactions are good than just writing  I always tell myself, so plz pleez do review/comment my newest poem too.

Ans Ghani

Thank You Zaynab, Im glad you like my attempt. However, im not much of a writer, and dont like calling myself that and dont know if my comments would be of any benefit to you but ill surely have a read. But its great to interact as you say. Where are youfrom?

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