Philia I


I hear the footsteps swift and thunderous

Unafraid of acknowledgement

The beginning of a scream builds

The air vibrates, silence is pierced

I do not turn in time


The gasp is forced out,

Feet stumble forward

A guided missile, the target found

Broken peace the only reward


The brush of curls against a cheek

The feel of a friend on my back

Arms tight around my torso

The bubble of solitude broken,

Solidarity unspoken

Unanimous in thought and action


Contact breaks

Ties already laid do not

A turn, the pivot of feet

Relaxed shoulders and a smile at the ready

Already knowing as to what will be there


Something already found,

Nurtured and fought for and held precious

A small thing molded into something strong

Created by two pairs of hands


Experience forged it, Memory guarded it

Coming to fruition between sharp words and laughter

Ours to keep and ours to break

And for it, 




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