My Brothers, My Guys

My brothers, my guys
A family in disguise
One of the greatest in my eyes

My brothers by choice
My guys with the little force
But altogether a family with one voice

My brothers without a blood bond
My guys that don't use me as a pawn
A family that always goes above and beyond

My brothers, I can trust
My guys who never leave me in the dust
A family that always has a bit of wanderlust

My brothers are no longer in a fairytale bliss...
My guys are really going to be missed
A family being sent away with a goodbye kiss

College. It seems like a big risk…

My brothers are leaving their High School Careers
My guys, they only have a year
A family about to be torn by the distance I fear

My brothers: the high school freaks
My guys: my goofy Geeks
A family that picks me up even when I’m weak...

My brothers are college-bound/.
My guys are about to leave without a sound
A family at least we'll see each other year round...

My brothers, they're smart
My guys-now that's a work of art
A family, we're never truly apart

My brothers are always "just messing"
My guys are such a blessing
A family I'm sure I will be missing

My brothers, my supporters
My guys, my laugh importers
This is my family- they're always in my corner

This poem is about: 
My family


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