The Strong One

So you see I’m the strong friend.
The one that you run to when you need some advice. 
When your dude ain’t treating you right! 
When you and your mom had a fight!
Yeah it seems pretty nice to be the one that your friend believe is right.
But what about my internal fights?
Who do I go to when I’m trying to get right 
All I do is laugh. This strong friend thing ain’t all the hype.
Like Drake said who’s gonna save me when I need savin? 
I've been taking care of my self!
All the pains are only mine to be felt! 
But I need some help.
Trapped in a shell tryna escape emotional hell!
Yo this really feel like jail!
But jail isn’t a place for me.
It’s my very own sanctuary. 
My mind, my emotions!
I’m tryna make a change, somebody throw some money on my books! 
Bail me out! 
I ain’t the captain of my own ship nomore! 
Somebody come sail me out!
I’m running from myself like feet don’t fail me now! 
It’s funny that even outside myself there’s reasons to feel alone. 
Like sitting on the couch wondering if my house a home.
Feeling left out like a dog with no bone.
Damn I really wanna go home!
But where is home?
I can’t find it inside of me!?
It’s not to the left or to the right of me!? 
But clearly at my door it says welcome to all those that confide in me. 
So I sigh trying to catch some relief.
Brushing up on my spiritual beliefs .
And there Is where I find my release! 
The human world is hectic but in God I found my peace!



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