What Life Is All About

What Life Is All About


Don’t look into their eyes

For they can’t possibly understand you

The things that run through my mind make me feel so small inside

It’s like my voice is useless

No one cares what my opinion is because who am I…


To me, I just like to keep to myself,

But to them, I’m the girl who doesn’t speak


Maybe it’s better to not talk at all

That way I won’t say the wrong thing

If I keep quiet then there’s no reason for them to hate on me

Because nothing’s worse than the kids at school belittling me.


It’s just that, they’re nothing like I can ever be

Confidence exudes out their skin

Meanwhile, I stutter before each word



I wonder what it’s like to live without fear

To not regret the words constantly coming out of your mouth

To answer a question and not doubt that you’re wrong


For too many years I was afraid

I contemplated every action

I made sure I wouldn’t stand out

I thought my ideas and opinions were not worth being read out loud


I liked being in the background

It was my safe place


But this was all before I realized there were people that could relate


Friends who didn’t  judge my every move

Friends that didn’t care what brands I wore or what jobs my parents had

But simply people who enjoyed my presence because it brought comfort to them.

My friends, these soulmates that were thrown into my life have shown me so much


They’re people that I plan to grow old with

That understand me inside and out

That I can laugh hysterically with and not have any doubts


And that this is what life is all about


This poem is about: 
My community


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