No longer Friends

I'm not able, I'm sorry

i just want to end the call

I'm supposed to be the the Invisible Soldier

who's trusted by all and never blow his composure

and as much as i wanted to see the world better

but when I turn to try correcting this vision 

I see my world ugliest more and more division 

I'm disable, don't worry

I just don't want to see them all

if you come to see now, how relationship gone

how old friends turned on, all relationship is gone

they been forgotten, been selfish, be on bottom 

now I've got alzheimer on my head for me they are probably dead 

cause same clowns who i had help them in their wedding   

they are the same friends who are disrespecting me 

never mind this is fact remember that 

you all always say that I'm your best friend 

and your brother too and I'm the best in the west

yes may but use not friends vest, you must just use normal vest 

nothing is what you are for so long

i was so wrong for thinking that we belong 

so keep doing what you are sorry for, keep booing as a little girl 

and leave me alone, I don't trust girls anymore. 

I'm a man I can stand on my feet 

You think i fall nope, i can stand on one feet

Your hand who needs it

It's my fafa and king life

Better you find a way to stay out 

Bet you think I'd break, it's not that easy

Baby you needs me a million Times 

before I need you once,isn't claims

Forget what i gave to you, everything is freebies

I'm not able,I'm not capable,I'm disable,

I'm sorry and I'm worry 

cause i cant provide enough for those around me

and even though I made new friends , I feel like i lost them

I spent too much energy on it, from feed this friend's seed

I almost feel I'm the one who caused it

cause i expect a lot for them now honestly I'm exhausted

decision after decision,my friends list shrinking

cause time had changing my feelings

no running from the truth, we are no longer friend 

as much as you pretend,we are done.

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