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The poem "Bastard" is about an alienated child born out of wedlock. S/he suffers rejection anywhere s/he goes; to mother, father and even grandparents. S/he gets neglected by everyone so much that not even school or Xmas parties are accessible.
The poem "Bastard" is about an alienated child born out of wedlock. S/he suffers rejection anywhere s/he goes; to mother, father and even grandparents. S/he gets neglected by everyone so much that not even school or Xmas parties are accessible.
When I was young, each day was so incredibly filled with possibility.Each moment burst with fresh emotion so bright and furious that it burned out all feelings prior to it.
1.24.15 I won't make you promises, I won't tell you lies, Most of the time One of us cries. One cries for love, One cries for food, One cries because They're in a bad mood.
When my cousin's four-year-old daughter tells my sisterShe should paint my nephew's nails, My sister's response is that His nails are not big enough yet, butWhen they are, she will let her pick a color.
It's just me it's just me come and sit on my knee I'll tell you a story of how the wind blows and where all the bad kids go the boogie man ate em' he snatched them up by the toes spanked them on the bottom and gobbled the boogers from their nose t
Do you see it? Its Moving With you its not going anywhere No soul can take it away Its permanently a visual of you Your Face Is a sight to see Because you look like just like me
The inescapable abyss in which you find yourself to be, is caused primarily by a childhood non-ideal as I can see.   Prim and proper you've been told, for manners haunt you till your old.
Dear Mommy,   Let me start off with the fact that I love you And that I really appreciate everything you have ever done for me But you are not without your faults In fact, you have quite a bit of them
Today, my mother brought home my antidepressants, I've never been prescribed pills for my emotional state, I've self-medicated for years with magick and self-harm. Today, my mother brought me her diagnosis.  
Because I am not who you want me to beYou criticize, chastise, and punish meCurse me to the end of the Earth,And throw your religion in my face.  
Dear Father   The way you care for me throughout my life It makes me feel like I miss you. Teaching me how to ride my bike, tie my shoes, and do math. Reading scripture and applying it to our lives.
Daddy, I don't know why you couldn't just choose me. Why'd you'd rather get high and hurt mommy and on top of that lose me. I don't know why it's so important when I'm dying to see you, in mommies belly, I just started moving. 
“I’m sorry.” Muttered softly. Keep your head down child, Don’t you dare cry. Showing weakness is not an option, Not if we want to get out of here intact. We stand side by side,
I wish to thank you,     for being there,            for holding me while I cry.                  I wish to thank you, for telling me no,
You tell me everything will be fine now theres milk in the fridge and our TV plays seinfeild reruns now. Just two days ago you came stumbling home. Just a week ago your wrists were sliced open like monarch wings.
Alarms ring, four totalBegin to peel the covers, the warmth, awayChilled feet push up the stairsDrag the boy from his dreams
There were the stairs, just outside of the apartment complex. I sat there with the day, listening to the wind complain about the world.   There were palm trees with leang trunks
“The Bird Who Never Flies” written for those who never managed to let go of something they love.   She always looked at me as something I could never be.
The once was a little boy His heart was devoid of joy For he was fighting a war at home His father would beat him to the bone So that young boy picked up a mighty sword
If I were stuck on an island, what would I bring?A person, an idea, or maybe a thing.Stuck on an island, what do I do?I will count on my mom to help me get through.
I met you on the road of Longing, As you took me hand in hand, My heart burst with love wide open, And so our journey began.-   "My Kings, my life is yours, I have lived to this moment for you,
From the very first moment, That I knew, From that moment, That I could feel you, You were my truest love.   From that first sign, Of your pure light within, From that joy,
I see you. Looking in the mirror, fretting about your hair. You fuss about which uniform to wear.
Close your eyes, darling, For there they cannot harm.
“You're all I got kiddo, there's no reason I can't show you what you have.”
I`m standing in the dark "kiss it" he tells me it`s my parent`s restroom he`s standing between me and the door he`s looming and I am alone "kiss it." louder this time
  Letters to Dad
I’m a blank slate. Fill me up With your arguments your blame, The silence and the spite And expect me not to feel the same. I’m a blank slate—with scratches. Tell me what love is,
When I was a young child I was abused.  I won't say which way,  how or even why I think it happened to me,  but it did.    My mother would tell me how  beautiful she was and how
They talk about college As voluble as can be "We just want to grow up and We accept this with glee!"   You came with a warning label All you think about is your life,
What would you change?What would I change?When not just one thingEven more than just a few come to mindWhat does that say?TrappedIn a world whirlwinding in such disarray
If you were a kind of bread, you’d be sourdough(or that gross sort of organic wheat withall the chunks in it that everyone eatsbecause they think it’s good for them and
What would I change? What would I do to fix this broken earth? What would I do to recreate the humanity that has been lost through the years? What can one person do?
I should resent you for the drunk words you spit at me, during many of my slumbers. I should hate you for making me raise mself, because that's hardly the way it should be.
Forcing the pills, the good doctor prescribes To children with potential to be the greatest of minds. Parents say , “My kid’s waaay to high energy.” ADD! The good doctor determines.
Lay down your head my childI promise things will be better when your eyes openAnd when the night becomes dayWe will still be together forever and always
All alone by herself not knowing where to turn for help. Trading applying for scholarships to scheduling doctor trips. Asking God to see her through this . Young girl herself not ready to hear someone call her mother.
  The future is unknown to anyone. All we can hope for is the best, Until this short life is done. Blue, brown, hazel eyes of all earthly guest
Yeah, I'm white Never Been in a fight But my dream is to knock out some lights Talkin' 'bout dreams, one-a mine's to be free Ya see, my parents lock me down with a key Yo, little do you know about me
The sweet reverie of a little girl in a Cinderella dress Does not hold a demise For no person shall attempt to withhold her She has imagination creativity innocence virtue Let her twirl
Please Note: There is a trigger warning for this poem.   When I was 8 years old I felt you become so cold. Still, I tried to crawl in your lap for warmth
Where is the help? Money is the focus, The goverment may cause money to disappear like hocus pocus While the  children are left helpless, hopeless No arm, leg nor brain to grow,
The Nigerian Hierarchy   If I drove a Lexus instead of a Honda Would you agree? Would it be vice versa if my skirt landed above the knee...
When I have a child of my own, I will let them know every day That they are loved and cherished And that they are the best part of my life   When I have a child of my own, I will spend hours with them
I will change, you say But do you know what that means? Are you really a man? Go ahead, hit her again. Maybe she will stay. Maybe she will forgive you. No no, not this time!
I’m sorry I’m not perfect It pains me every day To know that I have failed you In every possible way.
There is love, hate, happiness, bitterness Your lessons were heard, not grasped Until now there was no willingness to listen Until now I didn't realize that you were right You knew what you were talking about
(Inspired By "A Star Is Born" featured on "The Blueprint 3" by Jay-Z. Written because some Stars were not mentioned) This one is for the unsung. The unheard. The one who never got his congratulatory words.
These eyes are round gems black, I get lost in the looking. We do not speak. Our words, cut short, leave telling shadows pooling, staining the table cloth.
Believe in me to bathe in lava. Trust that I will do no wrong. If you wish, I'll fly a kite to Mars. I will give you love wrapped in stars.
With a traffic state of mind I can’t seem to find a friendly distraction to ease the pain of the twisting kaleidoscope known as my heart.
“Life sucks. Then you die.” Said a father to his son The father was bored at the son’s baseball game The father never came to another one Only one vacation to the shore
I see you running towards that ball in the fields. I hear your laugh when you fall in that pile of leaves. I think of that day when you won’t need me to fight your battles.
I want a Son I want to witness my baby boy’s birth. I want to show him his promise, his worth.
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