five things for single mothers

Wed, 09/18/2013 - 22:28 -- kodak4

1. Learn patience, understand that as a woman it is innate within you to be not only a giver of life but wisdom...for centuries women have been epicenter of every family so who you are is so precious that there is nothing humanely made nor grown in this soil that equate to what you do from the moment the sun touches its highest peak in the sky to its braisen set at the end of the learn to give the world a chance to catch up with you. 2. Always walk around with a arche in your back and your head held high BC even tho at times it may feel like the world around is crumbling, always remember you were built to last, you were built to concur, so don't for one second think about quiting on your journey of silencing the doubters who hand picked you to fall bc they judge you for having a child out wedlock but they neglect to look at the strength in your shoulders, the fire that is burning in pit of your soul BC you know that you use their words as the perfect outline to your success story. 3. Teach your young prince how to be a king, make sure he understand that he is just a great as the other children who have two parents coming to open house..tell him a story about a young boy who grew up in Hawaii and was raise by a single mother who encouraged him to strive to be any and everything in the world. So that young boy worked hard all of his life until he became the 44th president of the united states...teach your daughter that a man saying i love you as he is trying to have sexual relations is not love but a meer smoke screen. Make sure she understand the difference between a woman and a hoe so as she blossoms into the beautiful young lady that she was made to be she will take her royal place in this society with grace...bc she is not only your child but your reflection, your life remade over again like a classic cinematic film but with a better ending and sequel. 4. Allow your children to create their own identity, do not suppress their imagination but instead encourage them to fly...make sure that from birth they understand that the world is boundless and that they can live any life they believe in, so when someone tries to dim their light and destroy their dreams you will be there brighten it once more and remind them of how truly special they really they will only look within to find.validation of their character BC so many times in this world people try to mimic the images on TV that are popularize instead of discovering their own path 5.know your worth, do not settle for only good, cool, or not so bad go for not feel like the life that was given to you is a apology but instead an opportunity to blaze a trail for the inevitable single mothers that will come after you...don't attach bricks to your feet and become stagnant because complacency is a disease and you have so much more to offer....still believe in love....don't try to fill a hollow void that was left by the sperm doner instead allow someone to come into your life that is worthy of your glow...always make progress because 3 out of 4 urban children will be raised by you and you alone so ladies please stand strong.


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