Mini Me

Do you see it?
Its Moving
With you its not going anywhere
No soul can take it away
Its permanently a visual of you
Your Face Is a sight to see
Because you look like just like me
Approach Me with your prescense
You get me through everyday
Why cant No one else take your Job
Well Because I am a thing of nature
the smile cold as the antarctic
not your regular drink
that I can live with
You give me hope
Your laugh is like a mouse that can't stay away from cheese

That Grin is enough
Outsiders do it its a double meaning
Its a Gift from above
You make me realize that material is nothing compared to you
Its here and Its gone
But with you here little one
Your not leaving me
Protection is on lock and key for you
You can guide me, but I will be your solution

Keep it coming with positivity
and I will cast out the negativity that will attempt you

-My Unborn Child

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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