I won't make you promises,
I won't tell you lies,
Most of the time
One of us cries.

One cries for love,
One cries for food,
One cries because
They're in a bad mood.

If yelling and screaming
Is all that they know,
Then what does that say?
What does it show?

He says that I yell
Because of his smell
He says that I yell
Because of the bell.

A bell that was rung
To signal the time
A bell that was rung
To help make this rhyme.

If time heals all wounds
Then sing me a tune
So I can forget
The day that we met.

Memories are priceless
So take my advice,
Spend time with the kids
Before there is none.

They already hate me
Because of the rules,
What y'all don't realize
Is they're useful tools.

Who will do his chores
When he walks out the door?
Who will cook his food
When he's in a bad mood?

No one will be there
To say take a bath
No one will be there
To submit to his wrath.

So learn to help now
So you will know how
Wipe the sweat off your brow
And go milk the cow.

Copyright From A Poet's Heart

This poem is about: 
My family



I really like the poem and the flow was amazing, which really helped. The only else I have to say is for you to write more from the heart and don’t try so hard to rhyme; just let the words come to you next time. Really nice poem! And I hope you can read some of mine :)

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