I'm Sorry


United States
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I’m sorry I’m not perfect
It pains me every day
To know that I have failed you
In every possible way.

I try my hardest to please you
To make you proud of me
But it seems I have the opposite effect
Failure is all that you see.

I’m sorry I don’t do things your way
That I don’t follow your every rule
I’d like to do it my way
But I’ll end up like a fool

I’m sorry I’m not smart enough
That I never do things right
That I have my own agenda
But you don’t care in the slight.

I’m sorry I have to live for you
To make you happy each day
And when I don’t, you get mad
And I never get a say.

I’m sorry I want things my way
I have my rights here too
I’m of age here, you can’t own me
And so I say, “fuck you!”

I wish I could just tell you
To shut the hell up, you see
I have my own life to live
It’s not yours, let me be.

I’m not perfect, I admit it
I’ll never get straight A’s
But forgive me if I don’t like
Your controlling, bitchy ways.

I’ll do things differently than you
I’m my own person, unique
But you frustrate me all the time
It’s something new each week.

I wish I could say I love you
But now I pull away
I’m going to leave you very soon
So be sure to count the days.


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