My Mom

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 15:52 -- taysaam

If I were stuck on an island, what would I bring?
A person, an idea, or maybe a thing.
Stuck on an island, what do I do?
I will count on my mom to help me get through.

On my island, I am all alone.
With my mom there I require no phone.
My mom is no disservice.
Even under pressure, she never gets nervous.

My mom is my passion.
I give her all my love, not in portions to ration.
Wherever I am with her.
I think about my childhood, how close we always were.

Me growing up was hard.
Trust issues grew, I am always on my guard.
But I can always trust her, my mom
Like reading the Bible and trusting a psalm.

On an island, what do I bring?
Surely not an idea, probably not a thing.
I would bring my mom
Because she is truely the bomb.

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My family
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