My Love For You

From the very first moment,

That I knew,

From that moment,

That I could feel you,

You were my truest love.


From that first sign,

Of your pure light within,

From that joy,

Our love began,

And so was born our love.


How could it be true?

That I could be so blessed with you?

I rejoice in you!

Growing, glowing, shining,

And so began my love for you.


From that moment, I knew, I knew,

I’d give up my life, it’s so very true,

I’d take the whole world on,

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you,

And so it is my love for you.


For I am only yours, and you are mine,

Like a feather in the wind,

A kiss upon the wings of time,

I hold my breath for you,

I will ALWAYS hold my breath for you.


I’ve loved you since time began,

And my love for you will never end,

Across the centuries,

The seas, the skies above,

And so you are my endless love.


If all else ends, if all else fails,

My Little Loves, know this to be true:

There’s nothing that compares to you,

No one that hails my heart as you do,

And so it is my love for you.


Copyright 2012 by Elisa Christensen


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My family
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