The Father

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“Life sucks. Then you die.”
Said a father to his son
The father was bored at the son’s baseball game
The father never came to another one
Only one vacation to the shore
Because it rained and the father had no fun
There was no money for boy scouts or college
The son would have to pay his own way in the long run

Every son has goals, desires, wants, and needs
The son’s childhood is the farmer planting seeds
But without good soil, one can only produce weeds
Leaving empty pockets and no proceeds
The son dug deep and started to see
That’s not the father he wanted to be
He laid down better soil for his own family
And planted the seed to grow into the giving tree

The son, now a father, faces a problem
As he lay under his truck
There is no pain at first
Until he realized he had been struck
He could not move at all
He was pinned down and stuck
He worried about his own son at home
His little young buck

Years later the accident left his body grinding bone on bone
It doesn’t matter to him. The seed he planted in himself had grown
He was different than his father, the one he had always known
Inside his body screams with pain, yet love is all he’s shown
The father lies in bed, but can’t find a comfortable position
No sleep; doesn’t matter to him. He is on a mission
He keeps going through love, despite his condition
It doesn’t matter to him as he feels his own body’s decomposition

The father says to his son
“Son, this is what I want you to do
Make a move on life before it makes a move on you
My father never gave me an opportunity
Your goal is to dig a hole
Plant the seed to exceed
And be a better father than what I could be”


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