Medication Nation

Thu, 01/16/2014 - 21:05 -- Bodicca

Forcing the pills, the good doctor prescribes

To children with potential to be the greatest of minds.

Parents say , “My kid’s waaay to high energy.”

ADD! The good doctor determines.

And in goes the pills and out comes Lethargy.

When the questions come as to “why” for the rules,

And arguments starts because that’s what “kids do”—

When they reach this time of life, “we’ve got a pill to cure that for you.”

Appetites lost because the fine print read “there’s side effects.”


“Weight loss”


“Suicidal thoughts”

“Undetermined long-term effects”

 “Not recommended for children.”

Their bodies start to wither and parents cry, “Aye, depression!”

Good doc slaps on more prescriptions

Cuz that’s what good doc does

Disregarded fine print reads:

“Do not take if on other medication.”

Walking down hallways, to medicated to say “hi”

They want to feel alive, and so they get high

Busted, and their parents are so pissed,

“How the hell could you take a drug like this!”

They run to the good doc, “help this kid, he’s unstable!”

Community service it is, until he’s fit and able!

Medicated kids and druggies

All together—birds of a feather

Comes on home, red eyed and tired.

“What’s this? Sleep deprived!”

“Doc, you know what to do.”

Same routine for 18 years

"Good doc’s basically family!

Recommend him to your peers!"

Your kid’s a druggie?

Suicidal too?

Don’t worry, at least he’s learned something from you:

“If it makes your life easier, drugs are okay. Even if it kills you, heck, doc said it was okay.”



Is it possible that people aren't solely drug addicts because of peers, but also because of over medicating and medicating to young? In our society, it seems to have become the norm to medicate for anything and everything.

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