What would I change?What?


What would I change?

What would I do to fix this broken earth?

What would I do to recreate the humanity that has been lost through the years?

What can one person do?

One who after all is a teenager and therefore has no real crediblity.

Well let me tell you something. 

Let me tell you a secret 

come closer,

we cant let anybody hear.

I would change the world

I would move mountains

I would  do it all 

Would you like to know how?

It could all be possible if one thing was changed

If parents raised the child that they have with an open mind

If that child is shown that even thought they are small they can do anything. 

That is my secret

I can change the earth but I cannt change the minds of adults

who think that personal things like who to  love is wrong 

who think that personal things like what to believe is wrong

I cannot change them for they are fixed in what they believe

But if I could that would be the most important thing to change 

to fix Humanity 



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