Keep Watching

Close your eyes, darling,

For there they cannot harm.

Just rest upon your small white bed,

Your head upon your arm.


I’ll check your closet first

Of course, not forget your bed.

One more peek as I close the door,

I’ll kiss away your dread.


Close your eyes, darling,

For there you cannot see

The tiny drops of red on black

Now pouring from your knee.


I’ll wrap my hands around your wound

And kiss your tears away.

Place a Band-Aid on the scrape

And one more hug to end the day.


Close your eyes, darling,

For there you will not feel

The pain that pulses in your heart,

The one only time will heal.


I’ll hug you close and kiss your head,

I’ll wipe away your tears.

I’ll tell you tales of a younger me

And maybe ease your fears.


Close your eyes, darling

And maybe you’ll forget

The emptiness that you feel right now,

Fueled by false regret.


My kisses are the rain.

My smiles will be the colors.

My warmth is now the sun,

For I am still your mother.


I’ll shine on you for days to come,

And wish to kiss and pull you near,

I’ll dry your tears from afar,

But I’ll always be right here.

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