Human Nature

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HUMAN So Intelligent So Very Flawed Power Problem Solving Brain
if you have stayed longer than expected you are one among many     for all acquaintances grown attached unintentionally rally     if you’ve seen my light
If we all lived life the easy way And always listened to others We all would be different today And we would all be sisters and brothers  
Today, during a time of quiet contemplation I recall three simple metaphors, which came from my reading- from various books on spirituality, philosophy. And now,
It is the most compact of all dialogues a clipped conversation that had become so routine- it is one of the first phrases learned in a foreign language course. It is a question- answer
You wake in a forest of tar The place you dreamt is now afar You lived accruing wealth since birth Too busy for your time on earth A rise to riches was your goal Destroyed your values, killed your soul
This is a story of trial and strife The silent killer and the bloody knife But this story is not all that is seems No, you must look deeper into what it truly means.   The darkness within that consumes a soul
The world, a child  her mind, a chamber  for nurtouring thoughts  no creature could blame her   stained skin  with blood so pure  they crave for her veins  In search for a cure 
A pack of bulls charge Toward a big red curtain. They fall from a cliff.
I open my mind's lid like the drawer of a filing cabinet. It is the place where thoughts, dreams, and memories thrive. Letters of knowledge organized just like books in a library.
Humans do funny things like believe we are invincibleAnd yet, it is almost certain that mankind will not stand the test of time
Seed of Time. Stem of innocence. Song and rhyme  come to be.   Then sliver the branches of vice and temptation. Corruption and combat bloom. The surreptitous snake suckles Death's nectar.
Dear ETs, I’m sorry, I cannot find a way To bring myself to fully answer your question Regarding humanity’s ending passage of days;
dear divinity~ were you there for the worlds calamity? were you there for the savegry?..for humanity? were you there, watching the catastrophy? were you there divinity? you were never there.
dear divinity~ were you there for the worlds calamity? were you there for the savegry?..for humanity? were you there, watching the catastrophy? were you there divinity? you were never there.
There is a forest A dim forest full of dusky trees and damp moss Tiny critters that scuttle about Weaving in between the roots of dying oaks and already dead birches
Your Love is like a willow, strong and steadfast. Growing faster than any other, 10ft higher each year. It flows with the wind, and never fails to sing out loud.  
what an ocean created by emotionsfears, wantsneedsmixed all togetherunable to see or pick outwhich belongs to which fishswimming alongas if nothing is wrongwhat a foresta jungle
What is itWhen you can't decideWhat you like,What you dislike,What is there inside you,What you want,What you need,What you see,What you feel,Or, what you are?
Onecs in the red sun, Little Red Riding Hood was heading out to her grandmother’s. “Would you like me to come,” asked the mother.
The blood that runs through my veins is the courage I feel when I arise each morning.  
The blood that runs through my veins is the courage I feel when I arise each morning.  
History repeats itself like a broken a record. 200,000 years living together as a race, but yet our society is stuck on hate. Stuck on hate. Stuck on hate.
I can hear him whisper in my ear, he calls my name, controls me with fear.   These vile demons running in my head, live in my dreams and beneath my bed.   I feel guilty.
The ancient Incans used the dark spots in the milky way as their constellations Instead of depending on the brighter points in the sky They allowed the emptiness to rule their life
What does Poetry mean to me? The words in my head that I can't get out. That's Poetry. My fingers flwing over keys as my head clicks along. That's Poetry. Poetry is me. With a computer. And my brain.
A villain in disguise,  everyone has a little pride. No tongues of fiery red, it's all just in your head. Clouding those in which it hosts, it's the reason why you boast. So now it's up to each of us, 
I hear you I hear you in the pouring rain... Words Words that cannot escape my brain. The unexplained
The trees--they quiver with life.Yes, all around me,They shake with strife.Their bones, bare of bark,They're stark white cast in dark.Sister stars shoot to earth,Little pricks of light plunging-
Invade the room and awash with debate To prove your distress is superior. Accelerate pique and don’t hesitate As your demands are meant to weary her.   More issues arise: suppression and spite
Look outside. Snow falls softly, brushing on the trees, Snow falls calmly, it almost breathes We watch safe and warm, Inside the dorm, protected from the hazardous winter storm,
Life is full of surprises  We observe, think and question But us human, we figured them all.   It only took 60 years till we could land on the moon after the first flight
I stand among scattered ashes of humanity My heart beats with the rythmn of the digital age. These eyes reflect imploding constellations Two feet tread the boulevard of broken dreams.
Flip phones took a beating. Now the smart phones record what we're eating. Kids ran all day long and felt as though they could fly. Now kids spend all day chained to a charger so the phone doesn't die.
Ah...the Earth is soaked yet again by the blood of men,
I don’t have the street smarts
“Within & Without”   I see you from afar, A distant blinking amidst the stars,
Fire is my force I am in beautiful Anguish Darling, my whole heart loves you   Garden flowers die But not those who lie sacred
 My delivery, Intelligently, to the Nth degree, Exponentially, I enter thee, places in your mind- generally -you refeuse to set free, the demons you keep prisoner, all the nights you cant remember, So many words left
Between Creation and Destruction Lies creature, creed, cure, cry Desire, despair, and danger.
The sun sets on that last, golden dayA chance to have a smile on your faceAgain comes the numbers, whirling aroundMaking everything unjust and solemnIt's a test, as everything is,
(Twist and shout scholarship slam)
I will let darkness cover me, Make me weary
Sunny   Happy smile   Always love my masters   Just waiting a hug   Suddenly a big stick coming through  
In our world today
How do you know how perfection is made? Perfection is just a word.
We all walk alone With nothing but natural beauty to behold
We are mysterious creatures,
A path appears before you
Who are we in this parallel demonism Like creatures from the hellbound all we do is destroy any hope We were given Our power dies with our soul We are nothing but unsatisfied bodies
A world once of simplicity Has fallen into a mystery From chaos and destruction Humanity could only blossom
The Earth is like a caterpillar, unchanged but ready to grow. Earth's history is quite the filler,
Why change the Outer You can improve your Inner Find Beauty in Everything   Sharp eyes and Wet nose Animals-Innocence They, the Ideal Beauty   Beauty is Within
Never again will we see another day, Since we all have to play the game, To near waters filled with oil, What has become of us when we all dry and boil?   Never again will we live to breathe,
We waste time We taste smoke outside We don’t care We don’t share We are so focused on our miniscule lives That we don’t stop to admire the scene around us There are miracles in this world
  There is a noble King who walks these grounds; he brings peace and serenity.
We are all equal We all think, breathe, eat, cry, laugh We are all human  
Wind screaming, trees rustling, birds wallowing. The world indulged in this darkness.  road signs staggering, black clouds consuming, grey shadows overpowering. Absorbed in habitual patterns. Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Watch television.
you can play the part.
  We live for today, die for tomorrow Our soul sits in a puddle of sorrow Wait till dawn to repent The world has turn its back because of our sins Never bite the hand that feeds
Why do I get angry and cry so deeply from the inside Without letting it out? Why do I let the hurricane storm behind the bullet proof glass,
I am confronted by all their faces. The faces that say please love me In place of my owner who is an absentee. So, here I am, giving out warm embraces. I wish my work was enough,
someone punctured the atmosphere’s lung   you know what came out?   the stench of scorched hot dogs
    Born in her nurturing arms Cradle to death and back again, She held out her helping hands As a sanctuary for all her children,
"I Sting as hard as a Bumblebee" "But i'm gracefull as a Dove" "You can not defeat me!" "No sir-we I might be just a cub" "With all my might i put up such a fight!" "You can't defeat me"
God gathered the dust in his hand, Formed his greatest creation. He gave but one command: “Knowledge is for me alone.”   God knew, of course, That man would disobey. Curiosity is a deadly force;
After all the people leave— The raucous laughter has died down, goodbyes have been said, The lights have all gone out, and people have left for some other party— What happens to a building?  
Us humans; our mind: so strong, so alive, Usurper of Nature, the law, to survive. A hundred more years or a hundred more lives, But what does it matter if humans still thrive?  
Why, why, why? Always a question, never an answer Why to do this, why to do that... It's all about the reasoning The why Why, why, why? Always running through the head Why, why, why?
  A cry in the nightthat fills you with frightpounding your heartas the chase starts. It fills you with longingfor the light of day;taking your breathas you begin to sway.
Cast upon the Earth Dread like angels; plagued Are we Not, the Earth cannot bare The presence of many Whom bring about death Like gods, are we? Life dwindles, death ceases not
We stand here and shout, Pain and anger roaring from our mouths, "Don't do this!" "We must do this!" "You demons!" "I hate you!" Why must we hate? Is it because were human?
Stop Wait Listen Did I ever tell you, about the laughing Jester? The one who lets his jokes fester? Or the girl with the stars in her eyes the one who left under October skies?
The dry air is hot, sucking the moisture out of every living and deceased creature. Even the non-life has no reprieve from the tyrannical looting of the sun.
Calm’s eyes of warmth can brush The sea like fingers by The harp. Caress old Nature’s blush
Up in the bell tower Over yonder way They ring for the hour Of twelve on God’s days Upon the carillon Guised in a garb pitch dark A man plays a song Which sets a mood so stark
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