Forest of Tar

Sun, 01/05/2020 - 21:10 -- Tardrym

You wake in a forest of tar

The place you dreamt is now afar

You lived accruing wealth since birth

Too busy for your time on earth

A rise to riches was your goal

Destroyed your values, killed your soul


Although the sun rose with great flair

The sky at dusk is dark and gray'r

You know you would change your approach

Life's point is clear with death's encroach

It's deeds you do, not goods you gain

Your pride is rot, you lived in vain

The tar takes your chance to abscond

Sunk in its depths, trapped in greed's bond


Figures appear and start to claw

Slay your conscience and then they gnaw

You look in their acquainted eyes

They tell of hearts open and wise

Their moans are a familiar strike

Colleagues, friends, and lovers alike

One face stands out amongst your ghosts

Who you adored and gave the most

Who met you on a summer day

Who taught you how to love and play

Who you ignored through all your strife

You disregarded late in life


Though they are an apparition

You now see your contradiction

Contrasted to your state of sludge

The rest of days where you will trudge

It's too late to escape the cave

Under the ground inside your grave

As these wraiths writhe let's bid adieu

The avaricious ways of you

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Our world


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