Humans do funny things like believe we are invincible
And yet, it is almost certain that mankind will not stand the test of time

We are drowning in a sea of nature, too busy living to be scared to die

Our species constantly waits for a fictitious miracle, someone coming from another world, to define our tragedies and show us what it is like to be alive

However, we cannot stop time, and eventually we will flourish in the realization of how truly alone we are, but at least we are alone together

We grow in this state of empty contentment, silently mourning the loss of what never was without letting a single tear escape our eyes

Civilizations spun by silver threads created by golden minds will allow us to become living history, not that of books but of legend

We will follow in the footsteps of the Gods, sewing our hopes into the patchwork of life and pray that, somehow, things will be alright in the end

Often times, we will lose our balance and fall into a melancholy state without even our thoughts to comfort us

We will be left to wonder whether it is better to let life burn out or to merely fade away into the neverending sky

But when all is said and done, we will find a reason to not only live, but to prosper

We will learn what it means to exist in the most vibrant of colors through the taste of ink and create new worlds by word of mouth

This process will be repeated into infinity until every aspect of life and death, or beyond death and the notion of rebirth has been discovered, researched, and celebrated for what it really is,


One day, we will run out of matter to focus our lives on and will once again be faced with the reality that just maybe, humans were a science experiment gone wrong because we are desperate to believe that someone or something made us, whether to create or destroy we might never know

At this point we will find ourselves back in the state of empty contentment on the verge of the next big happening

But who knows how long we will remain here in this single ending, for men are only men and destiny works in mysterious ways



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