Time tell me how can we sit here and abuse the fact that we’re running out

Why continue to let the burden of our grudges ride our backs when time is so short

Hurting, strangling, and suffocating our love ones we take out our corrupted ways out on the innocent

What did a child do to you parents, were just here breathing because we were conceived

We didn’t ask to be here and what if, if you didn’t we now exist

Suffering this so called life you handed down to us, we remain the unseen being

The tortured, taunted and abused being whose life is no longer meaningful because you try your best to make it hell

And in this world that’s no longer a world we burn in the fire of hatred

Hatred that’s not even for us but is always directed towards us like a living target


And time is still going by for one day we will grow in that pain

And you would be wise to check the time because in time we will hate


Your blessing will become a curse and not only to you but to ourselves

For the cycle of time will continue and when it is our time, we will carry the burden

It is we who are now corrupted with the rage we can’t let go because a mother didn’t play her part because her father didn’t care and her family didn’t act as one


And we don’t want to be like you and for once you can agree

But we’re too blind by revenge to hear what you finally see

And it is too late to help us for your time has cut short

Too late to love us now, that plan is now abort


You better listen why we speak, for a time will come when we speak no more

All the love you thought we had went in and out the front door

Soon someone will die and God will say it’s time

Please don’t depart from this world with that grudge on your spine

Don’t be too sidetracked with the pain we carry from the pain that you still have

I hope we get a chance to talk it out before time cross or paths




Mafi Grey

I really like this one

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