Darker Haze


I will let darkness cover me, Make me weary

I can not possibly believe again.
my life is dreary

Only Hate befriends me now and then

I can and will break every mold

For it was said
I am cold

Should I be filled with dread?

Is it truly my fault...

That I see though The haze?
By default

I can get through the maze?

I can see no innocence

In a human heart.
In a sense...

Every human is tart

Being human fills you with guilt

Somehow it's only me that sees this
Humans aren't all that well built

Falling in a black abyss...

Why is it only me that sees the darkness.....

Laying dormant in every soul? I think
that it's my awareness...

That tares me and brings me to a brink

Of madness that I know

Is slowly taring me in two
And this sadness will only grow

Until I eventually do...

Fall to this madness

And shatter this awareness
Break away from this sadness

And fall away in to a deep darkness


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