The Truth About Human Nature

Wed, 11/06/2019 - 10:03 -- ramasay

This is a story of trial and strife

The silent killer and the bloody knife

But this story is not all that is seems

No, you must look deeper into what it truly means.


The darkness within that consumes a soul

The infinite chasm, the unending hole

These beings of darkness that reside within

Will always cause humans to commit their sins.


Is it possible to help, those that have lost

Those who want joy, at any cost

The people who are ruled by the dark

Those who have more bite than their bark.


When new life comes in, the old must go

But their sins never vanish, I say no

These new lives come in with the dark of the past

And almost always, these affects will last.


There are very few people, who can even resist

When the evil inside always persists

The stuggle is long and arduous too

But some come on top, will you?


Even the few who are free from the demons

Are tortured and shunned, looked at as puns

They do not belong in this corrupt world

Out of society, they are all hurled.


But I hope that one day, the darkness will part

Pushed away, by those of pure heart

And maybe, when that day comes

Humans will not resort to their guns.


When the darkness is lifted, the world becomes better

Every person will change, down to the letter

Once more, the world may be ruled by the light

At the end of this infinite, never ending fight.

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