Your Love is like a willow

Your Love is like a willow,

strong and steadfast.

Growing faster than any other,

10ft higher each year.

It flows with the wind,

and never fails to sing out loud.


I fell asleep in your comfort,

after night terrors left me screaming.

You woke me, loved me, held me

until I could breathe again.


It’s not the way you hold me

when I cry,

it’s the way you say you’re sorry.


It’s the way you sit and listen

to my endless days,

endless opinions.


It’s your open mind

the way you let me think for myself,

dress the way I want,

and dance while people are watching.


Our Love is stronger.

Our Love is honest,

even when it’s hard to say.

It accepts that we are


Our instinctive need to survive,

makes selfish decisions,

gets defensive,

needs some time alone.


Our Love has a beautiful aroma,

like a cup of

Sleepy Caramel Bedtime Tea,

on a Sunday morning.


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