Eat me Alive

Wed, 11/06/2013 - 02:38 -- sdunh12


Why do I get angry and cry so deeply from the inside

Without letting it out?

Why do I let the hurricane storm behind the bullet proof glass,

Yet allow for the release of thing one and thing two

Combined of insanely deprived depression and aggression

Free range the tundra of my head

Until not only does my hair resemble their unfavorable up do

But my brain runs rampant and deranged

 In a circular vowel of unending repetition.

My brain continues to cram the chain of emotional meltdown

Until the radioactive proof sands are all but worn down,

I keep banging my head against the wall of intangible instability.

Going to give, something soon,

Bound to crack, bound to my doom,

If I don’t take a breath and open my eyes.

Some of the monster raging and crushing innocents

Have been locked in my head

While others are the physical clutching of pious curling toes

 That claw out you inner working of

Feeling and neuron power

Until we ourselves have created the entre that we are

To be consumed by;

 Our own titanic creations.

Finally when it’s too late

We realize we are going down from the inside out

Because we have eaten ourselves alive

And we were our only way out.


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