Queen of Hearts,


 My delivery, Intelligently, to the Nth degree, Exponentially, I enter thee, places in your mind- generally -you refeuse to set free, the demons you keep prisoner, all the nights you cant remember, So many words left unsaid, don’t know what’s worse what I should’ve done or what I did. 

When the chips are down phony friends all flee town, all alone heart bleeding down, broken pieces of your former crown cover the ground your silent screams no one hears the sound.  Least of all your soulmate and lover, the reason you take breaths or want to take another.   Unfortunately, as human nature maybe, some people want to see others fail miserably, and laugh mischievously, why the walls of my castle tumble down around me. But little do they know, there hate helps me grow even more stronger and wiser. I promise you this its my ass you will kiss when I step on your face and out climb ya. To the number one position don’t believe me pay attention, have you wishing youd a listened to this real shit that I m spitting next to me your never getting heed my warning bitch you trippin.
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Our world


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