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Someone told me once that we only see stars when they’re dying As if death was the most memorable thing about them And it makes me wonder.   You know depression is an empty space A universe of no life
Dear North    You are more at heart than all of myself can want from my entire life, Your heart needs to be held by delicate hands, You don’t need to be fixed,
O distant star, shining bright,Visible in the east, at twilight,This guide of my travels, a lodestone of my life,Content I am, knowing you are always there, Even if out of sight.  
Close your pretty eyes, Let your mind be clear, give it many tries, until your vicinity disappears. Can you feel your sunshine soul? Can you hear your heart of gold? Can you perceive your passion for life,
WORDS TO A SHOOTING STAR It's 7pm in the evening the sun seem to had gone for the day and the moon has started showcasing it's Ray..
he looked at her like she was the sun. that is, he squinted and cowered in the face of her absolute radiance.   Years later, someone else looked at her like she was the moon. that is,
My heart drips away, Hollow splashes in my stomach a tune older than time, younger than yesterday when I laid you to rest in the sky.  
Hailing from the constellation Gemini, Castor and Pollux are both mortal.and immortal twins. Sharing the mother Leda, Pollux asked his father, Zeus, to let his half brother share his immortality.
Orpheus, guitar extraordinaire, the King of Rock, and Apollo’s heir. His music loved around the world,  though, he only cared for the love of one girl. Darling Eurydice, the love of his life
It's always been a bit too familiarThe glow in your eyesThe sparkle in your smileThe way you illuminate my darkness During the nights that seem the most opaque& during the bleakest of twilightsThere has always been a certain star that ignites
There’s always been a darkness A never-ending pain A pit of infinite loneliness A hole within my chest. I’d tried so hard to be rid of it
My anger is not a star Bursting with untamable fire Stubbornly bright  When drowning in darkness And boiling beneath the surface To drive out the cold. It's a double edged sword The weapon 
You brought me into this world Instilled your hope, genes, and dreams into my soul Mom, Through these 20 years I've had many fears You've wiped away so many tears My heart is full
In the 60's you were magical, in my young mind I knew that you could grant wishes. So I watched you I even claimed a star and named it Michael because I loved him so.  
From a desk Looking out See the array of stars Mysterious, cryptic Like the souls of all you know In the Nexus of dreams Ideas to explore Vast and intricate Some simple yet potent
To the star in the sky That I sent my latest wish Did you hear it? Did you get it? I am waiting here in anguish I cannot tell by your casual twinkling If you even at all heard an inkling
Little girl, now don't be sad, I understand your pain, How you feel there's no way out, That you have gone insane.
Little girl, now don't be sad, I understand your pain,How you feel there's no way out,That you have gone insane. That you're a recluse through and through, No friends here you call home, The conflicting anguish inside you,To fight it all alone.  T
Dip me into the night sky let my hair flow with the stars. Your lips meet mine as a comet flies behind your eyes. Place your hands on my waist
Our love Exists between Every star In the universe
A star, Twinkling, Spinning, Sparkling Out of reach.   Winter sets in. You climb a mountain, And jump. But a Twinkling, Spinning, Sparkling
  My boy wished on me every night,  In joy, in rage, in fright.  But where is my boy tonight?    My boy is gone, for now he's a man.  He won't wish on me, although he can. 
Ever since I was a child I knew what it meant if you could catch a star. Happiness, warmth and light. Things that most people in humanity, including me, can only dream of.
Four and a half years after you came into my life you are gone from it One year of silent staring Seven months of friendship One year and four some odd months of dating And the rest in between, Well...
Today I am, Tomorrow I am not What am I, the world wonders Just like a movie, my story is cut Gone, they think I am, where is he?, they ponder
I saw the farthest star from here and I knew that was real  I raised my hand and reached my finger tips up, out, and past this Earth  Until I was one with the rest of the universe Until I was bigger than the farthest star
a star shines bright in the dark night skies but when the morning sun rises it hides   a hero lends a helping hand to a needing man
I could live without a phone. I don’t need an Instagram, I don’t rely on siri. I could live without electricity. The sun and moon shall light my way,
If I had to be deserted Upon an island shore And was forced to give up something That I couldn't have anymore. I would tell them they could have anything My money, my house, my car The object that I need the most In the northern skies, I need my w
Life without love is like the sun without the moon,  life without love is like a flower that'll never bloom.  Life without love is like a star that won't shine,  life without love is like a poem with no rhyme.
Her, the person my heart longs for, day and night as the stars swing by. Why? Because I love how her skin shines under the sun the same exact way it shines in a dark room,
I would wish upon a star, If it really did work. But I know the truth, Yes I know the truth, It’s all a big murk. You know, Like brown murky water Upsetting to see.
October midnight falling star in the dark sky- summer’s soul has passed
I've always loved December The Snow, the lights, the pretty embers If I could own just one night I would wish for magic in the sky   Neon colors would dance, alive Steaking the dark canvas at midnight
As I lay in the darkness My mind filled With the pitch and silence I think…   Why do I feel like this? So comfortable
You're my friend and lover My love for you won't fade I just wanted you to know You will always be in my heart   You turned into my love As our love grows With our needs and desires
the moon's like God's flashlight for the lost in the night sky; like God's spotlight to let you know he sees you and that you're a super star in your own right with your own light; like Heaven's porch light to let you know
A single light in the darkness That's what I seek to be Whatever flaws I have without There is a light preserved in me While others see the grim and harsh I still have faith in humanity
Late one night, not far away; A lost light wanders, trying to find the day. She moans and wails, completely lost; Her mind is ailed, heretics at deathly cost.  
I am like a star, a brilliant shining star. I may not always be noticed,  but I am always there. I am not discouraged by others,  and I always hold strong in my darkened night.
Twinkle,  twinkle, little star How I wonder how you are. Since no one seems to ask if you're alright; Are you okay, will you live to shine another night?   Up above a world you once knew,
I once wished on you.   You failed me twice.  
I Shine Brighter Than  anything
Shining bright in the sky The one true element that one one can touch After sundown they show one by one. Right now I'm wishing I was amongst them in the sky. 
Friendship The word crushed and smothered and erased Leaving me on the floor gasping and confused So lonely and untrusting of myself Until a star came out of the darkness Shining and swadling me in warmth
The stars brighten the dark that consumes all the depths of night just as you lit up my deep black soul. 
On shining lights in velvet nightsI hung my hopes with silver stringAs whispered words I overheardRebounded in my rotting brain.
Let the ev
 "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God.
When you look me in eyes , i feel like melting away. When i dont talk to you , i feel like i cant go another day. The way you say my name, makes me want to jump with glee.
First time i saw her i thought nothing of it, She was another face, among thousands. Another body, among millions. But a spark, a spark that would set my body on fire, Her beauty was not striking, her body less so.
I am no child I am an investment. I am no human I am a number. There is no love Only obligation. And beauty   is but a broken compass of the heart.  
  It’s really quite pathetic
Fluency is not as easy as it seems, Rolling off the tongue gently and slowly, Spilling out of the mouth. Spewing out of the closed chops, onto a blank page.   Blanknes tends to tire the restless mind
You know when you love someone? And you would do virtually anything for them.
When the world is so loud and chaotic as it seems,
  Your hands are covered in frost
He’s finally coming to visit Everyone else seems cheerful I feel worried, more than anything After all, it has been two years    The day, finally here We meet We smile
We grew up and old like vines, growing along the same trellis our stories weaving together in a heap of curling photographs and triggering memories crossing back over the same twenty or thirty times we saved each other.
A yellow bee sleeps sleeping on a red flower dreaming of honey   Haiku
  I write to be heard By the little corner mouse, Who sits sipping tea serenely in her trap.   I write to be heard By the angriest hornets,
  Red colors the back of my eye lids as warm rays beat down on my skin. The crisp tropical air hugs my body as I stare at the sun and can’t help myself as a smile slowly creeps onto my face.
I don’t want to be heard. I want to be listened to. What’s the sense if the listener doesn’t comprehend? Or want to comprehend I need to borrow a pair of well used ears
  Like day time In the dead of nigh The goodness of the world Shining so bright   So strong you can hardly see So powerful You can hardly breathe   Leading the way
I want to tell you a story
Electricity and power and thoughts inside Music, and wonder and time It’s just a glimpse inside my mind   Worry and hope and tears I’ll cry Happiness and running and learning to fly
I feel the warm lights on my skin I hear the voices of impatient souls I see the opposing character to my side And I can just taste this sweet tasting goal   Every since I was a little girl
You are a star. Not a bright, burning ball of gas somewhere so far away in the atmosphere that we can only see a small speck. Not an actor, or singer, or dancer, or some other famous person that is famous only for being famous.
  The following poem is an Elizabethan sonnet.   Since I was young I looked up to the stars. The second to the right my eyes did meet. And though the twinkling speck seemed very far
I was once toldThat we are all made of stardust.Some doubt this theory,But I can testify of its truth.
A constant battle city lights twilight stars
The moon is indecisive it changes every night. And when the sun rises, the moon hides out of sight. The stars shine bright, like little kisses, in the morning light.
Life is a dayOf a thousand hoursA million secondsA millennia's worthOf cool breezes and breathsThat escape past our lipsIn smiles and sighs and laughsDrawn unsuspecting from our souls
My heritage and my background, The color of my skin or the color of yours the length of my hair or the length of my nails, My hieght or my size only have as much power as i give them
you caught me upon a fallen starand wished me away to thedesert Mars. A dead plain with foreign menof simple things in a nightmare, awaken me to humanity.
Do you see my unicorn?She is pure white, her mane shining in the moonlight.Her fur is soft, like a chick's downy fluff.Within her sweet eyes, is where something lies.
Destroyed from the inside out,A tragedy sinners do not mourn.No pity for a star.   Here bright and burning,Here dark and cold,Alive as a star,Dead as a star.  
She's always there, by my side, keeping up with the pace of my strideShe's always there when I need to cryShe'll be there until the end, my best friendShe makes the world sparkle and glow
A broken heart is like a broken dreamA wold left cold as stoneA place of darkness never to be seenI see you walk away as tears fill my eyesThis is a world where love can never survive
  Where do we begin? Oh child,              Where do we begin? We begin as thoughts,          made ofStar dust (Yes, star dust)
My open mind made frown by a nation, still keeping dark thoughts with hopes for color separation, can't they see its just a spectacle, a blimp in space and time, your words have no weight,
Words rising and falling like mountains and valleys.Letters form Heroes with passion and calling.Seas of ideas, all structured in stanzas.
You said you would be my shining starLook into the night skyI know where you are
I look to you for hope, I look to you for love, I look to you in times of desperation, Where there is none to give, I need your holy presence, For I come to loose the way, And when I do I learn to love, Loving greater than before, A love so grand
  That star
You’re suspended above us in space, Where thy unimpeded light can abound,  For tens of millions of miles it race, In order to reach this night sky and surround. What a wonder to behold your ever-burning radiance,
And silver are the roses Guarding heavens golden gate,​ Behind which looms a shadow,​ The shadow of eternal fate.​ A luminous, glowing sphere rises to the stars,​
I gleam with a yellow satisfaction, The night couldn't be more clear. My thunderous telescope absorbs fiery light, And brings the booming images near.
The dragon waits Its wings are cut It dreams of flying Soaring the sky A silent wish To a dead star A silent tear To a dead sea A silent word To a dead soul
The day she is not with me is the day that I die following her always, with no frown or no sigh. My life would not be complete without my very best friend I know she'll always be here,
Long has it been, Since I could say, "I feel safe." And long has it been, Since I could say, "I feel happy."
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