Midnight Sky


United States
40° 24' 13.4388" N, 75° 56' 25.8648" W

I gleam with a yellow satisfaction,
The night couldn't be more clear.
My thunderous telescope absorbs fiery light,
And brings the booming images near.

A silent planet soon takes shape,
Within thousands of musty rings it lies.
I cozily observe for just a moment,
For soon enough, it dances across the sky.

My eye then catches a group of children,
Born from a red cloud, radiating wishful love.
I tastefully take a step back from my place,
Could all of this and more really be above?

As I stare on in the warm summer night,
I think of life, and what really matters.
A feathery breeze continuously blows,
And from the trees stems a jubilant chatter.

The stars hiss and flutter, yet the moon emanates a lullaby.
It watches the sounding Earth with protective eyes called craters.
I feel like a child, one completely taken care of,
Oh what a chiming gift, from the one and only Creator.


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