To Live

Wed, 04/13/2016 - 17:15 -- Bear

I could live without a phone.

I don’t need an Instagram,

I don’t rely on siri.

I could live without electricity.

The sun and moon shall light my way,

While the stars will lule me to sleep.

I could live without music and dark chocolat,

My heartbreak remedy.

I could live without laughter and tears,

Though, one more than the other.

I could even live without my one true love,


Yet, I could not live without the ability to write.

Unable to write, I’m unable to speak.

For written words hold all my emotions.

And unable to let them out,

I’d go mad, and run about.

Laughter and tears would be meaningless.

The sun and moon would hold no importance.

The stars would be nothing more than balls of fire.

Dark chocolate and music would never be needed.

And my sweet addiction would hold no purpose.

For coffee is a writer's addiction.

Unable to write,

I do not live.


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