An Ode to the Star


You’re suspended above us in space,

Where thy unimpeded light can abound, 

For tens of millions of miles it race,

In order to reach this night sky and surround.

What a wonder to behold your ever-burning radiance,

That brightened lives of centuries old,

With the same light that I now find.

;No source of man outdoes thy brilliance,

Nothing matches thy eternal hue of gold,

Yet our bulbs make us blind.

Cities and cancer one in the same,

Viciously overtaking what God had planned.

Into pastoral fields I go to see your flame,

Where your twinkling rays are not dammed.

You gleam over mountains long since explored,

Islands, valleys, oceans far and near,

Anything that resides on ground,

All long since found and adored.

Your home, is the final frontier.

Would be bliss to go and not come down.

But how we ruin what we already own,

So it’s best you reside in the unknown.


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