Star Above

  That star

It shines so bright
I want to touch it
I want to be like that star
Shinning so bright and unreachable to all
Never to see it's true beauty never to feel it's brightness and warmth
The star slowly dims to pure darkness

My heart goes cold
Shattered in million pieces, the star won't come back
I turn the other way
Walk the other direction
Behind me lied the path of the brightness and beauty
That path that was filled with light is now pitch black

My dreams and hopes have shattered to nothing
The only thing left is to look on forward
Looking for a new path to follow
I raise my head to the unreachable sky's up above
They gently cry for the star that dimmed to dark

With their tears on my face I open my eyes to see billions of stars up ahead
The sky's might cry in vein but my heart swells up with joy and hope again

I can see more paths ahead
I soon forget about that star that dimmed away
I realize there is more than one path to follow
It's up to me to choose which one to take

That lonely star was one of many and I promise I won't forget about the star that dimmed away.
But now I have a new path to follow a new route to take.

 I keep on walking down that rainy street
With millions of stars above me and one left behind me never to be seen again 
That star....

A new path began.        


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