13 Ways of Looking at a Star


Destroyed from the inside out,
A tragedy sinners do not mourn.
No pity for a star.


Here bright and burning,
Here dark and cold,
Alive as a star,
Dead as a star.


How useless are the feet,
How empty the hands,
Of those who fear the stars!


The river rushes below.
The sentinels are burning.
The bridge disappears.
The stars are black and cold.


A lamb in the hay
Brings blissful peace.
Father shines the star.


Circles becomes days and years,
And our star keeps us from the blackness.


Drink from the fountain of the second star
And babes will be your rulers.


Fifty siblings stand side by side
And wave.
I smile from within my star.


The zoo that dictates our fates
watches us with stars for eyes.


Fish that can only be caught by three
Swim peacefully in the night.
There is a shoe among the stars.


Lone and proud, she stands.
Her bonnet is colorful and
Her smile sings of summer.
She has a star on her dress.


One blow creates five wounds.
Those who nurse them
Despise the star.


When stars are called upon,
The flower inside begins to grow,
Nourished by the dust.


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