You Are


You are the star that I vow to follow,

No compass in my hand,

I’m just a lonely wanderer…

You are the sky and I look up to you,

Make pictures of your clouds,

While you’re looking down,

As I lay on the ground…

You are my world, you are,

You are my one and only,

I give my life to thee…

I will be, I will be, I will

I will be everything you want me to,

A hand to hold, a heart to break,

Two lips to kiss, A bride to be,

A damsel in distress,

Come and save me…

Come and hold me…

Tell me I’m pretty-worth it-perfect,

Is this perfect, love?

Is this love worth it? Is it Perfect? Is it?Hmm nooo—

You are my star, the only one I see,

Just black and there you are, Shining just for me,

You know who you are,

But what am I supposed to be? What does that, what does that make me?

You’re mine…I’m yours…Divine, is this perfect love? oh…


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