A not so True-love story

First time i saw her i thought nothing of it,

She was another face, among thousands.

Another body, among millions.

But a spark, a spark that would set my body on fire,

Her beauty was not striking, her body less so.

Yet i Burned.

Each day passed and the fire grew hotter.

Hours upon hours we spoke, never bored, always early in the day, always late to the night.

Time passed and the fire was no longer fire, it became much more.

A sun, she became my shining star.

One which life could not do without,

Oh how my fire burned for her,

I saw her true beauty, the one i was too stupid to see.

She radiated happiness and joy, from outside to within.

I yearned for our millenia of togeatherness.

But it was naught.

She yearned for another, her star.

Her so called sun who abandonded and ignored her for his own selfish needs.

Yet she burned for him.

And so i lost My bright yellow star.

Our future, like gray smoke, was gone.

However, i still.

It still Burns.

No matter how much time passes my fire still burns for a part of my soul i gave;

So, so long ago.


I write this not so she may see it, but in hopes that she may never see it.
my fire will always burn so long as her happiness is assured.
even if she nolonger burns for me.

i share this, so others; others may know.
you are not alone; burn, burn for your sun. Your shining star.
in hopes that your supernova will be bright and briliant, togeather.







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