In the 60's you were magical, in my young mind I knew that you could grant wishes.

So I watched you I even claimed a star and named it Michael because I loved him so.


In the 70's when I turned 10 I watched you and you were even more massive and magical

it seemed as I searched the night Sky for Michael becaused I loved him so.


In the 80's I still found myself looking up with this feeling of aw and feeling so small

and enveloped between you and the earth as I watched for Michael because I loved him so.


In the 90's I gave more of myself in exchange for myself back and as I watched the sun

shine it's light on the things life would rather hide.  Still magical and massave under a daylight Sky 

I long to see Michael because I loved him so.


In the 00's the age that is now i've noticed the additives of seeded clouds, acid rain, yet your beauty remains

when I look up in search of the moon it's like looking into a mirror but not seeing my face but knowing we share 

a special place.  Then my eyes search for Michael where he's always been because I love him so.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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