Than  anything

You have ever seen.

My eyes are diamonds in

A sea of black.. No matter where

You may go I will always be there watching over you and protecting you. I am always there

No matter who you are or what you have done you can look up to me and hope to

One day be where I am. To see what I see. To feel what I feel . Become what

I have become and to be free to watch over who ever you so choose

To watch over. I am your guardian. I am your watch dog. I can

Be your mentor or your salvation. I will be your hope no

Matter what the circumstances may be I will be there

For you. You can’t run from me tore can you hide

I am every where  and anywhereI choose to

Be. But becareful what   you may wish for

Because you never              will know who I

Am to become in                      this life or the next

I may seem                                                     odd to you..

I may seem                                                             strange and

Frightening                                                                              at first

But                                                                                                          I am

There                                                                                                          for you.


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