You Are A Star

Fri, 04/04/2014 - 21:58 -- clh2014


You are a star.

Not a bright, burning ball of gas somewhere so far away in the atmosphere that we can only see a small speck.

Not an actor, or singer, or dancer, or some other famous person that is famous only for being famous.

No, you are a star.

Not only because you are the brightest thing in my life right now, but because that’s just who you are.

You are a star.

I know you don’t believe me when I say that. But if you told a star that they were able to be seen from galaxies away because of how bright they are, would they believe you?

You are a star.

The truth is, we don’t see ourselves clearly. Not because we are unable to look at ourselves physically, but because we don’t see ourselves except when we’re looking into a reflective surface.

You are a star.

All we ever see of ourselves are the clothes we wear, the color of our eyes, the style of our hair, and the imperfections spread across our faces.

But what makes us imperfect? Could it be that imperfection is just that; imperfection. We are unable to see ourselves perfectly because of some block in our brain that says, “You need to be better.”

Guess what, darling. I’m going to be honest. You’re imperfect.

But so am I.

So are all of those people that told you that you were imperfect. Well, they’re imperfect too. And we all just sit here on this little imperfect world that houses little imperfect people.

And why are we here?

Because a perfect God wants us to be.

You are a star.

My deepest connection and reminder of God?

The stars.

Whether they’re at church camp just above the fire pit, or in my backyard when I come home late at night, the stars are always there. They’re always beautiful. And we are too.

Yes, that means you.

You are a star.

I don’t know what it is that you see in your reflection.

I don’t know what it is that you whisper to yourself.

But please, baby, don’t listen to all of those things you tell yourself late at night, because more often than not, you’re wrong.

You are a star.

But it’s okay to be wrong. And to be wrong a lot. It’s okay to think that you’re imperfect, because that’s where I come in.

My job right here and now is to remind you that you don’t need to be perfect. Because you’re already perfect to me.

You are a star.

Your light shines so brightly beside me that I can never tell if it’s from your personality or the glare off of my teeth when I’m smiling.

You are a star.

But being a star has its downfalls.

Being a star means that sometimes you’re too hot to handle. You’re not able to be touched. And unfortunately, that leads to a lot of you being dropped on your ass.

All you have to do is wait to be picked up again.

You are a star.

Some people can’t handle having you in their life. But you know what? It’s their loss.

You are a star.

You are a golden opportunity, a phenomenon. A reminder that there are some truly incredible people in this world.

You are a star.

Lucky for me, I don’t need a telescope to see you. Because my Earth’s orbit is close enough to you that I can see you without help.

You are a star.

Which means you’re too bright to look at sometimes. But the best part of this is, I’ve only seen a small part of you. And it already has me wanting more.

You are a star.

And me? I’ll be your sky. I’ll shut myself off long enough for your light to shine brightly through all the galaxies.

I know it seems like you’re floating through the drifting space because you’re not part of a constellation.

But who wants to be part of a constellation anyway? It’s a boundary. It’s a fence. It’s not something to be desired.

You are a star.

You shine out so brightly because your sky is so dark. But a dark sky is needed sometimes. Lucky for you, you get a relaxing bought of bright lights known as the day. And days are really great for relaxing and recharging.

You are a star.

And you had better not forget it. 


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