The Tale of the Star


United States
41° 12' 35.7588" N, 74° 0' 55.1628" W

I would wish upon a star,

If it really did work.

But I know the truth,

Yes I know the truth,

It’s all a big murk.

You know,

Like brown murky water

Upsetting to see.

Well the tail of the star,

Is no different to me.

It’s tainted with lies,

And full of deceit.

It’s just a big hoax.

Well, no difference to me.

For I’d never be such a crazed fool

Wishing upon a silly star,

That’s my golden rule.

Who even came up with this,

This mad crazy lie?

Was it a mule?

Or perhaps a small fly?

A star cannot help me,

Its way up in the sky.

What a silly thought,

Wishing upon matter

One would have more luck

Talking to a ladder.

And if that’s not enough,

They fall short of heaven.

It’s just so silly and foolish and-

Oh wait, its 11:11!

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Our world


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