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Please god make it stop; All the hurting, the lying, the running. Please god make it stop; All the misery, the pain, the crying. How many more days can I go on? Please god make it stop;
Please ignore this poem!!! It was not meant to be Please ignore this poem!!! Because, you see   By some glitch of some sort Or error on my part It seems the same poem two times did depart
I was born in Texas one February morning Took my first steps and soon started walking I found my voice and never stopped talking Lost my first tooth and couldn’t stop smiling  
No one asked me what I wanted No one cares when you’re not wanted I am not the man I wanted But no one asked   No one asked me who I loved No one cared I wasn’t loved
Shine like a diamond when the world calls you coal   Ignite like a flame, even in winters so cold   Fly like a dove when storms are approaching.   Stand tall like a tree, when no one is watching
Attachment is too risky Attachment is a universal sign of something that can be broken Whether it be from love, hardship, differences 
I'm alright… That was what you told me You always said that I'd be alright… But that was before you left   Things only got harder from there
What they don't tell you about growing up is that you sometimes have to do things alone.  Once you turn 18, it goes from "honey, how can I help?" to "Well, figure it out you're grown.".   
beatiful nature plagued by this world,like minds infected today in society oh how my father told me"the world is not pretty" and so I will not let myself be blinded by illusions,
I would say Shel Silverstein was our first friend That's how we learned where the sidewalk ends.  Bet you thought this poem was going to rhyme But that was the only line I could get out my mind (just kidding) head . 
You left me so quickly. Am I useless? Do you not need me? The hole in my heart is growing, I'm turning hollow. Come back! I need you! Please!
Dear, My mother’s ex-boyfriend of two years, My biological father left when I was six And ever since then, I've been looking for someone to fix
I used to be afraid. Afraid to feel Afraid to cry. It’s funny though, I’ve never been afraid to die.
You were my world. You were the sun of my solar system. The music of my life. You mattered to me more than anything. And you still do.   Did you ever think about me? Did you ever dream about us?
Every time I think of our time as friends, I die inside. I feel as though I just swallowed broken glass. I want to curl up in a ball and cry forever. Everytime I see you I think of my mistakes.
I live day by day now. Time seems to be but a memory anymore. Somedays I feel like time has stopped, while others fly by. I smile and laugh everyday, acting like I'm ok. On the inside, I feel like shit.
I get out of bed every morning  because if I were to lie still then who would there be to paint all the colors I see in my dreams? If I were to lie still then my world would never be any brighter 
You can say what you want I still remember As if i fucking want to   the floor butter and dried up soda, behind movie screen
you must wonder why I'm here to get some money to study with peers to avoid the parties and the beers is the reason i am here   I must be honest i need some cash because my classes I need to pass
Diego Vega
Some see numbers and it makes sense, but other can't even understand cents. Spanish is to an english speaker, as math is to me. Gibberish. I see words and can eloquently translate it's thoughts
i called you babe last night in a dream you stuttered but said love what do you need? and made me your heart and i felt whole again by being just yours every hair on end you took my hand
Please don't hate me for something I didn't do Please don't hate me for the people I'm related to Please don't hate me for the color of my skin I don't hate you Do you not hate me too?
When your mind is captive to your body  and your image doesn't fit society's  and your heart is trapped in a place you can't call home   When you speak in but never out
I need my phone now It's snowing on Mt. Fuji It helps me stay calm.
I need college cash (break)  And for that, I need scholarships (break)  Please give me money
I'm out in the streets, blowing off steam. My body tall, my body lean. I wear a hood to better shield me from the night. I never knew to someone, it would bring such fright.
It started with a big boom Matter, thought, a spark, she forms She emerges from this She has nothing to show   She begins to grow
I am a juggler World class and running out of hands Losing balance as the clock applauds Violently behind me.    Time, like sleep is an unattainable luxury Something saved for the far more fortunate
I am strong independent, and willing. I  have so many good things about me that make me "flawless" but   but im not flawless.
I hope I forget your eyes And that I couldn't look way. I hope I forget your smile Because it makes me wish you'd stay.   I hope I never call you  When its late and I can't sleep.
The heart beats to that of a mind In time I shall wait for you But that's of a different kind In which we'll finally live that of a life we were meant to Listlessly waiting for a love that was never mine
This is where I run out of ideas as to what I should write about. I am running out of ink slowly… I need a new ink cartridge. I need a refill. Even the songs I listen to have run out of ideas.
Look at me.   Please. Just Once.   I'm dying inside.   You don't even notice.   I hope you'll see beneath my mask.  
I love 
PLEASE don't act like you know my life. PLEASE don't look at me like I'm wrong and you're the only one right. PLEASE don't try to pretend you care.
What determines your stride of the day? Your look in the mirror, or what everyone may say? The mirror is a friend and truly a confidant, and based on how you make yourself feel, you'll hear what you want.
Dear Brother You’ve teased me, Loved me, Tormented me, And taught me. You’ve made me cry, Laugh, Yell and scream, and smile, All in the same day. I hated you,
Please, Please, Please I’m dying. I have days, maybe weeks I’m dying I need to go, to need to see because I’m dying I need to act I need to be I’m dying  
Mommy please
I want to dance and cry and scream, In memory of all the things we think are better forgotten. "Forgive and forget", they say. Forgive, by all means forgive, But, please don't forget?
he sits in the shower pools of blood at his sides  the water washing away his tears along with the crimson liquid pouring from his wrists. he hates who he is. a disappointments a fuck up
I never knew what love was like That was until I met you How could I forget? Your smile, your eyes the way you fret It made me feel like I was invincible. All that changed one day.
She sits there empty for days wondering if the pages to book would magically change flower petals stumble to the floor as if they were drunk and forgot how to walk her eyes are heavier then they were the day before
tonight i cried because i lost controll. tonight as i stood in the shower as i stood naked and alone i cried.  tonight i remembered when i was the girl the boys fallowed around  calling her 
It's crazy how easily someone can walk out of your life How they can just leave Never looking back Now your future isn't set in stone Everytime you attempt to envision it You fail  
I want to make you close your eyes, Through words, Through emotions, Through laughter and love, I want you to love me the way I love you, For everything you are, Not for everything you have,
according to some legend, when one is unable to sleep at night,  it means someone is dreaming about them. now i dont know who you are or why youre dreaming of me but its 3 am.
   Find me, look for me, where are you? Can you find me? Can you see me?  
I always wanted things that my parents couldn’t afford Never realize that my parents were poor I remember wanting a GameBoy since I was four Thanks to my parents, they bought me it and I felt adored
Don't tell me you're sorry If it takes my blood Dripping to the floor For you to notice   You're not truly sorry You're just desperate For a quick relief  
Enough with radical equations and notations And teach us about the struggles of life Teach us about business plans and their relations And educate us on how to survive the night  
 Any Miny Mo Another guy picked hoe. Leaving her standing alone, Giving up.   He sits in a corner. Because his feelings, He is a hoarder. Left to give up.  
You sit in the front while we're stuck in the back,  what is this lesson on? oh yeah, you don't even know.. You're whack! I'm trying to learn will you please teach? "Child sit down, quit being a leach!"
Teacher, teacher, I have something to say you have a lot of studies but none help you're helpless when it comes to teaching I should know maths, but you aren't helping!  
just go retire. get fired. now. please.oh wait. we can’t get rid of you?then you might as well listento what all you trashy teachersalways have to say
If we are late Why give us the death stare? It's like we've murdered a whole population. Seriously? How about those assignments? Why so much? When ypou know I work to provide for my family.
The bell rings. The anouncements come on.  THAT has been our morning every day of the school year, for the past 3 years. Now we're seniors, and I still see this sad, sad routine.
some people hurt. Some people die. But in the end we all survive the same life. Each and everyone of us live to please. Please the world. Please socecity. Please each other.
Objectives thru journeys Which within them we, As culprits of our deeds, Die consecutively... Loops swaying around... Of life's need to fond... Caress scars and wounds... With which i so bound... Strides of loud strobes... Sights of glowing vibrat
Heart feels so overwhelmed I look into your eyes And see the unexplainable Twists and turns of unexpected Happiness and sorrow All rolled into one smiling face
The black crust along my Oreo, So crunchy and fullfilling, So delectable and delicious. The satisfaction leaves me wanting Something even more delighting To my taste buds.
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