Just Listen Please

just go retire. get fired. now. please.
oh wait. we can’t get rid of you?
then you might as well listen
to what all you trashy teachers
always have to say

“I’ll make my students print out everything
so I don’t have to do it”

“I shan’t teach, you’re smart enough to learn”

“this is an honors class, I’m sure you all can get it”

“it’s not that I can’t teach, you’re just too stubborn”


“why won’t you listen to my directions? they are perfectly clear”

“please see me after class, it’s about your failing grade”

“you might say I’m a bad teacher, or so I appear”

“it’s not me, it’s you—change that and your grade will ricochet”

now do you understand? we students have to withstand this
every single day—it’s you who has to change.
we try to do our best, but it doesn’t help when you
fail us, demean us, insult us, and all on top of that
lie to our parents and yourselves.


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