I live day by day now.

Time seems to be but a memory anymore.

Somedays I feel like time has stopped,

while others fly by.

I smile and laugh everyday, acting like I'm ok.

On the inside, I feel like shit.

When I see you, I want to scream.

I fucked up my closest friendship.

Evertime this thought crosses my mind,

my insides are lit on fire and I step closer to the edge.

We stayed up together having childish fun past midnight.

We walked home everyday happy as could be.

I messed it up.

God why did I have to do that?

I can only think about my own mistakes as my brain abuses itself.

It bruises me on the inside everyday, sometimes leaves scars.

I caused this. My stupid fucking note.

Why. Why. Why. Why.

I don't want to try anymore, not in school or with friends or even have fun anymore.

You still are always on my mind.

All my good memories tangled up in regret and pain.


I hurt so much.

I feel so weak and tired all day.

But I can't give up on you.

Goddammit I can't give up.

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