Need you Now

Heart feels so overwhelmed
I look into your eyes
And see the unexplainable
Twists and turns of unexpected
Happiness and sorrow
All rolled into one smiling face

But I see you
Your eyes tell me your story
Your background
Your essence and future
I can see you
And who you wish to become

Do you see me?
What do I have to do
My feelings so strong
Couldn’t have happened at a better moment
How we met- it all seems to have
Happened so perfectly for a blessed reason

More than I ever expected
But everything I hope for
I just want you
My heart remains timid
Not wanting to break again
I can’t handle that again

Afraid to move forward
Do you even like me that way?
How can I be sure?
With a past full of empty promises
I need to know I can trust your word
Without that, we are nothing

Wanting so bad to feel you
But I can’t
I don’t know how
I try, but I’ve not done this before
Had the choice
But now that I do

I choose you
Will you do me the same pleasure?
Looking into your dark, complex eyes, it seems I can only wait
But I can’t
I need you now


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