please hold on

he sits in the shower

pools of blood at his sides 

the water washing away his tears

along with the crimson liquid pouring from his wrists.

he hates who he is.

a disappointments

a fuck up

a let down

and he wonders if he will hold on till the day

when he can look at a knife without thinking about his self abuse.


she lies curled on the floor

wrapped around a toilet

sobbing into her elbows

cloths about the floor

her hair pulled back

she feels like a blob of fat

the overwhelming need to starve envelops her

but she wishes for the day to come 

where she can eat a whole meal

without being told by the voices in her head 

that she needs to get it out.


he shows her his scars

she shows him her bones

together,they make a pact

that they will hold on to the hope

the dream

that the day will come one day


she holds her baby girl for the first time

he softly kisses them both on the head 

and neither know that they're thinking the same thing.

that the choice to hold on

to love each other when they couldn't love themselves 

was the best

they'd ever make



This is a beautiful poem. A simple yet complex piece of literature. 


Here are a few words I think I saw a bit misspelled... dows - downs, sbbing - sobbing or stabbing, enveloups - envelopes. I love this poem, two individuals are faced with unique challenges that have cast over them, beating them down to their knees and given little hope. Then one day they rest their eyes and share their pains with one another. Finding that they are not alone and have a chance, a chance to be brilliant and acquire a dream that has long been setttled in their mind yet never fully attempted. It shows the meaning and the reason humans, such as us need one another. Its okay to be alone in a struggle, some can make it while others can't. But none the less, its better if there is someone there who loves you and is willing to help you as you help them. That ignites a true sensation of love that can never be broken. I love this poem. Very exemplary and fantasticals :) <3


thank you guys so much :) yeah ive never been known to be a great speller sorry but thanks anyway 

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