Come Back To Me

Mon, 03/17/2014 - 19:19 -- krae.97

It's crazy how easily someone can walk out of your life

How they can just leave

Never looking back

Now your future isn't set in stone

Everytime you attempt to envision it

You fail


How can you be expected to plan a future they're no longer apart of?

My plans are flushed down the drain

No college weekends spent with you

No more possibilities of conquering the world by your side


Instead I'm buried in the debris

The crumbs you left me with

The after effect of you walking out 

And in your place is a black hole

A damn void

And I know I can't expect anyone else to fill it

Because no one will ever compare


For me, you were perfect

My favorite cup of tea

Your arms became my home

Your eyes I looked to when I was afraid

It's not that I depended solely on you

I simply got used to the fact that if I were to fall

You'd be there to catch me


So now I'm stumbling down the rabbit hole

Only unlike Alice...

I'm not sure if I'll ever stop

I'll just be here

Suspended in time

Surrounded by darkness

Until you,  my only light, decides to come back into my life


Please come back into my life



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