Mommy, Please

Mommy please
Tell me what makes you cry.
Is it the silly phone?
Did it poke you in the eye?

Mommy please 
Tell me who's on the other side.
That person must be really mean
To make all those tears slide.

Mommy please
Won't you let me hold you tight?
I'll sit on your lap
And help you clear your sight.

Mommy please 
Tell me why you still cry.
The phone is in it's cradle
But your eyes are far from dry.

Mommy please
Last time we saw him he was fine.
I don't believe you, Mommy.
Tell me Grandpa hasn't died.

Mommy please
Would you just hold me tight?
Let my tears run with yours.
Let a hug make all things right.

Grandpa please
Please tell Mommy you're alright.
She really needs you now.
Won't you comfort her tonight?

Grandpa please
Could you help her spirit fly?
She could really use a boost
Can't you do that once you've died?

Thank you, Grandpa, thank you.
For helping her tears dry.
Now we can both remember you
And also how to smile.

Really Mommy, please
Do I have to say goodbye?
He's still here; I know it.
He's watching from on high.


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