The black crust along my


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33° 46' 45.75" N, 118° 21' 7.3404" W

The black crust along my Oreo,
So crunchy and fullfilling,
So delectable and delicious.
The satisfaction leaves me wanting
Something even more delighting
To my taste buds.

I think of what could make this
Eminent black crisp
Even more of a delight.
I reach towards to fridge
And the white gallon welcomes me,
My fingers grasp the handle.

I tilt the jug and out
Comes a cup of cool,
Inviting milk.
The Oreo jumps into my hand
And jumps into the milk
Embracing its welcoming taste.

The two surround each other
Giving the best of each into
Each swallow of my treat,
Happily in sync.

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