Do They Hear Us?


The bell rings. The anouncements come on. 

THAT has been our morning every day of the school year, for the past 3 years.

Now we're seniors, and I still see this sad, sad routine.

The staff doesn't listen to us, but we're forced to listen to them.

When can our opinions matter?

When you look around the class room you see many different facial expressions.

You'll see happy faces, sad faces, bored faces, and frustrated faces.

When will they get that not everyone is happy with the same damn routine?

Can we switch it up?

Can we have an input on OUR school days?

It's like a prison. Don't get me wrong, many kids love and WANT to learn.

But when you have a lady sending you home for what you're wearing, how are you supposed to learn?!

If you have a man controling your every move at your lunch break,  how are you supposed to feel like a HUMAN being!?

These schools, they've got the best of us. 

Just let loose.

Let us WANT to be there.

Stop forcing us.

Stop controling us.

We are no longer 2 year olds, we are young adults preparing for the big world.

May we learn from our own mistakes?

Oh, how I wish things would change.


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