My Craving...

I want to make you close your eyes,
Through words,
Through emotions,
Through laughter and love,
I want you to love me the way I love you,
For everything you are,
Not for everything you have,
I want you to hold me,
The way I want to hold you,
Sensually and respectfully,
I want to craddle your every dream and drain every fear,
I want all of these things and more,
More than talk and desire,
I have a craving for passion and fire,
I lust for your touch and personal freedom,
A longing for your hypnotic heart beat to sync with mine:
Passion and desire will keep us alive,
I have a dream to one day breathe you in,
Never wanting to exhale you into the toxins of the outside world,
Above all I have a desire for one simple thing,
A desire for something so small that you may never notice,
And that is for you to notice me... Craving you...


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